Homework Assignment 5

TchGrp MSC1: Research (using YouTube and Google) Lighting techniques – in particular 3 point Lighting and any special lighting you need for your film. Put results of your research onto your blog (Technical Research page)


Homework Assignment 4

Complete your research into trailers and have it on your blog by the end of Half-term.  See handout for guidance.

Complete by Tuesday 1st. November


tickHomework Assignment 3

Research this exam question:

“Online media have not replaced traditional media. They live side by side and depend on each other”  Discuss

for TA on Friday 7th October


Homework Assignment 2

Watch an episode of a TV drama or a film you admire and briefly analyse it with respect to its narrative structure, referring to at least two theories of narrative in your answer. A full essay is not necessary – notes/bullet points will be sufficient but give clear examples from the text to illustrate that you understand the theories.

Due in for class on Friday 30th September


Homework Assignment 1

  1. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation for class on Tuesday 20th September describing your film idea.  Upload the PowerPoint to your blog.
  2. Read Chapter 1 of the textbook

By next Tuesday you also need to have set up your blog with the recommended pages
(see hand-out)